A few more reviews

A few more reviews have popped up and they're really pleasing.

The most exciting is from The Book Trust, an organisation I have the utmost respect for.

"This is a truly exceptional debut novel from Jamie Mollart. It delves into the polished, manipulative world of corporate advertising and the corruption and exploitation it glosses over, a world only those with no empathy can succeed in. James is a selfish, smarmy character yet you cling to the hope he will be saved. The chapters swing from his incarceration in a psychiatric hospital to the months leading up to his climatic breakdown, creating a deep atmosphere of foreboding that will grip you to the end. This sure to be one of the big hits of 2015, and deservedly so."

The full review can be seen here:



Another nice one came in from Book Oxygen.

"The journey may be somewhat exhausting, but it feels worthwhile, and we don’t lose hope that there will be a happy ending to this human and psychological thriller."

The full review can be found here: