In the dark I can sense The Zoo.


I can’t see it, but I know it is there. In the black it’s blacker and I imagine the outlines of The Figurines and The Animals; all spikes and claws and weapons and sharp edges.

I can hear it too.

A buzzing. Like electricity in the air. A noise that lifts the hairs on your arms. As if it has to remind me at all times that it’s there and active. Hear it over the noise of a shriek in the corridor outside my room; may be laughter, or tears, I can’t tell. Over the noise of bare feet slapping on the tiles. Over the click and whirr of the heating.

Over it all I can hear The Zoo.



About the book

Brilliant advertising director James Marlowe puts in long alcohol and cocaine fuelled hours, creating a new campaign for an international bank.

But even James can’t keep up the pace. As his hectic life disintegrates, he begins to despise his client, the corporate world, and himself.

Then suddenly it’s all over.

Alone and incarcerated, his imagination is fired not by slogans, but by The Zoo, fantastical figures leading him into a world even crazier than the one that rejected him.

The way back to sanity, to the wife and son he’s loved and lost, might just lie beyond the nightmare.

About the author

Jamie Mollart runs his own advertising company, and has won awards for marketing.

Over the years he has been widely published in magazines, been a guest on some well respected podcasts and blogs, and Patrick Neate called him ‘quite a writer’ on the Book Slam podcast. He is married and lives in Leicestershire with his wife and cat. 

The Zoo is his first novel and was published by Sandstone Press on April 15th 2015

Amazon have included The Zoo on their Rising Stars of 2015 list which details the most promising debut titles being released throughout the year.

Alison Moore called The Zoo 'Grippingly dark'